Where is the best hotel in Armenia, Yerevan situated?

Yerevan is a small city, nevertheless, it is a city full of interesting sights.

When planning his tour and vacation in Yerevan, any tourist preliminarily deals with the choice of a hotel for his stay. Choosing the right hotel allows tourists to:

• Save time and money
• Make his/her vacation pre-planned and, thereby, calm and inexpensive
• Plan the best routes for himself/herself based on the geolocation of the hotel

Hotel Messier 53 Yerevan allows you to combine all the above-mentioned advantages. The ratio of accommodation of this hotel and its prices are something that will absolutely satisfy all tourists and guests.


The first thing a tourist should know is: the hotel is 24-30 minutes-drive from Zvartnots Airport: it is located at Vardanants 15/4 street, Yerevan 0010.

The shortest route from the airport to the hotel is the route along the M5 and Agatangeghos street. However, traffic jams during peak hours cannot be avoided on this route. In the unloaded time, you can drive in 24 minutes on average.


The second longest route, which will require an average of 28 minutes is via the M5 highway and Bagratunyats street.

The longest, but the most traffic-free route is via the M5 highway and Monte Melkonyan Avenue.
Directly next to the hotel there are a number of attractions and places that are sure to interest tourists:

• Vernissage flea market; 5 minutes walk from the Hotel Messier 53
• Republic Square is 7 minutes walk from the hotel
• St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral is 7 minutes walk from the hotel
• Republican Stadium is 7 minutes walk from the hotel
• Charles Aznavour Square is located 10 minutes walk from the hotel
• The monument to Aivazovsky is 10 minutes walk from the hotel
• Market “Gum” is located 15 minutes walk from the hotel

The hotel itself is located right in the middle of the park in Khanjyan street.

If you want to come and visit the sunny city Yerevan, then choose the best hotel in Yerevan - Messier 53, and all your expectations from your trip will be justified!

Messier 53, 04.10.2018