New Year in Armenia at Messier53 Hotel Yerevan

New Year holidays are the most favourite holidays in Armenia and Armenians celebrate it in a very special way.

New Year Traditions in Armenia

1. New Year feast in Armenia starts on the evening of December 31st and continues throughout January 1st, but Armenians keep on celebrating New Year for more seven days.


2. The inseparable part of Armenian New Year tradition is the guest-host tradition. As Armenians are too hospitable, they continue accepting guests and visiting their relatives for a week (or sometimes even longer).

The meaning of this tradition is to wish a happy New Year to all the relatives personally. Armenians start their visits from the most favourite relatives until they reach the houses of the relatives whom they visit only during New Year.


3. Drinking too much alcohol is also a tradition in Armenia, so everyone is too happy during New Year. Let’s not forget about fantastic Armenian dishes which should be too much and too tasty. Armenian women who prepare all the dishes themselves, seem to compete with each other whose table is going to be the richest and the tastiest.

So while visiting someone you will surely be urged to taste for example Dolma which is prepared by the holy hands of the housewife.

Here is the list of must prepare dishes for New Year

Armenian Dolma
Pasuts Dolma
Russian pancake named “Blinchik”
Different salads including Armenian most favourite salad “Stalichni”
Ishli Kufta

Where to stay in Yerevan in New Year?

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is especially wonderful during the New Year. Stay at Messier53 Hotel Yerevan and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the city. Besides that Messier53 hotel is situated in the heart of Yerevan – at city centre, so there are too many entertainment centres, sightseeing here that your day will be full of fantastic emotions.

Messier53, 20.11.2018