How to choose a family-friendly hotel in Yerevan, Armenia?

Armenia is a very friendly and hospitable country where everyone loves kids. Do not be surprised or afraid when you see a stranger smiling at your kid or playing with him/her: it is quite normal in Armenia and a kind sign that the person likes your kid very much.

6 Tips for Finding Family-friendly Hotel in Yerevan

Travelling with a kid is a very responsible adventure, so you should plan your stay at a family-friendly hotel in a family-friendly country Armenia. How to choose a kid-friendly hotel in Yerevan, Armenia? This guide is for a family man to know the most important aspects of a family-friendly hotel in Yerevan.

1. Food

Pay attention to the food which is served in the hotel. If it is healthy and at the same time tasty, then go ahead, book a room in the hotel.

2. Hotel room

Have a closer look at the hotel room amenities. If it is comfortable for a kid and there are not dangerous angles for him/her, there is a bad for a kid, then it is convenient.


3. Sightseeing for kids

The hotel should have interesting places both for kids and the adults, in order they will not get bored with the inner walls of the hotel.

4. Discounts for kids

Find out is there any discount for the kids or the prices are all the same for everyone. It is not too important but it seems to be a kind act towards the customer.

5. Hotel entertainment

Check if there are any activities for the kids which will interest your child and will be suitable for his/her age. The activities can be like performances, mini discos or cartoon character days.


6. No to “No kids” 

At last, make sure that there is not a sign or a red flag which says that this Hotel isn't suitable for children.

Messier 53 hotel Yerevan is ready to welcome kids and entertain them to their hearts’ content so make sure to book a room in our family-friendly hotel at the centre of Yerevan and enjoy your vacation with your kids.

Messier 53. 24.09.2018