What is the best Hotel in Yerevan? Why?

In the civilized world, tourists have widely been using the method of studying and booking hotels through websites.

Today, thanks to these websites, it is also possible to pre-study and book a hotel in Armenia, which meets the requirements of the tourist.


Here we are ready to represent to your attention the best hotel in Armenia by one of the leading hotel booking websites -

The hotel with the highest rating (9.2) is the newly built Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan.

Messier 53 hotel Yerevan has a strong principle idea that is reflected in its architecture and brand identity. All the elements of the M53 Hotel, including the services and atmosphere, fit into the modern lifestyle.


Messier 53 Hotel is located in the centre of Yerevan and just 5 minutes to reach the Republic Square by going to one of the city's business cards, Vernissage. Surprising is the fact that this hotel has been listed on the rating list shortly after its opening.

Besides the newly designed rooms, accommodation and facilities, the staff of Messier 53 hotel Yerevan is also too broad thinking. They are always willing to help you out of any situation as fast as they can.

The address of the hotel Messier 53 Yerevan is Vardanants St., 15/4 Building.

Feel free to book a room at Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan and enjoy your rest at the best Armenian hotel.

Messier 53, 27.09.2018