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Planning Christmas and New Year in a Hotel in Armenia


Christmas and New Year are the most awaited holidays in the lives of not only children but also grown-ups. All of us wait for the miracle to happen and all of us want to celebrate New Year and Christmas different from the last Christmas and New Year.

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New Year in Armenia at Messier53 Hotel Yerevan


New Year holidays are the most favourite holidays in Armenia and Armenians celebrate it in a very special way.

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Questions to ask before booking a hotel room


While choosing a hotel in a foreign country you should know the answers to several questions, which will help you to choose the best hotel with the best conveniences according to your budget.

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7 Questions you must ask when you choose a Hotel in Armenia


While organizing your trip to Armenia make sure to learn more about Armenian hotels in order to decide which one is going to be the best place for you to enjoy your vacation.

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Where is the best hotel in Armenia, Yerevan situated?


Yerevan is a small city, nevertheless, it is a city full of interesting sights. When planning his tour and vacation in Yerevan, any tourist preliminarily deals with the choice of a hotel for his stay. Choosing the right hotel allows tourists to:

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Where to stay in Yerevan, Armenia?


Armenia is a mixture of old and new architecture. All the tourists whether they are modern thinkers or old fashioned ones, find their cosy nook in Armenia. While planning your trip to Armenia you should choose a hotel first, so where to stay in Armenia an

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What is the best Hotel in Yerevan? Why?


In the civilized world, tourists have widely been using the method of studying and booking hotels through websites. Today, thanks to these websites, it is also possible to pre-study and book a hotel in Armenia, which meets the requirements of the tourist.

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How to choose a family-friendly hotel in Yerevan, Armenia?


Armenia is a very friendly and hospitable country where everyone loves kids. Do not be surprised or afraid when you see a stranger smiling at your kid or playing with him/her: it is quite normal in Armenia and a kind sign that the person likes your kid ve

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Why to choose Messier 53 hotel Yerevan?


Armenia, a land of holy monasteries and boundless skies. The first step to being a part of this magic is to choose a hotel, so here is why you should stay at Messier 53 Yerevan hotel.

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